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The Rogue Gallery

Biography follows below. Click on any of the images to see them full size!

1998, Oct 13: Shapes of the Next Generation!!!
The child has her own homepage (German only).

1998, Mar 20: I am a Consultant now (look like one!)

1972 or '73: Not yet a programmer!

1993: Programmer with sunglasses and medals

199?: Long-haired programmer

1997: Short-haired programmer

1992: Sailing through the Netherlands

1992: I'm not strawberry-blond, but this picture was taken at sun-set!

1997: Big Hacker is watching you!

1997: Panorama picture showing mountains in Bavaria (Germany):

Not as impressive as the Pathfinder pictures, but a nice try (I guess).

Thomas Hövel Biography

My name is Thomas Hövel, I was born in 1966 and live in Troisdorf near Cologne, Germany.

The first version of my screen saver collection The Lights Go Down was released in 1992. The program has been growing since then - more than 40 saver modules are currently available.

I am very concerned about environmental pollution and engage myself in the BUND, the German section of Friends of the Earth International.

My hobbies are programming, programming, and programming.

Writing shareware is only a part-time activity for me. I earn my living working as a Software Developer (yeah, sounds better than Programmer <g>).

I developed several individual screen savers for companies. You might want to contact me if you need a special screen saver!

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