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2000 Lights Go Down

The 32-bit version of The Lights Go Down was developed for the Windows® 95, 98, and 2000 (or higher) and NT 4.0 (or higher) operating systems.

These are the main features of the screen saver collection 2000 Lights Go Down:

Fully Year-2000-compliant!!! It fits seamlessly into the Windows 95 user interface.
40+ fantastic screen saver modules (12 included with Shareware, 7 with Freeware) The new Randomizer allows you to start screen saver modules - either in a sequence or at random.
Randomizer even allows to include other 32-bit screen savers designed for Windows 95. (See Note below) New Alias feature: access screen saver modules using different names so you can save several different configurations for the same module. Allows you to exploit all the options of the saver modules.
Exciting Bitmap Show: Displays Bitmaps and JPEG Images either in specified or random order. You can use (almost) as many image lists as you like. JPEG decompression twice as fast as the old 16-bit version. The user interface is completely new. It is more comfortable than the easy-to-use interface of The Lights Go Down!
Password protection It contains only 32-bit code to allow smoother multi-tasking under Windows 95/98.
Special offer! 10% rebate with electronic software delivery (ESD) (valid thru May 31, 2002):

Pure Version (US$ 8.90 or £ 6.29) includes:
* 52 Screen Saver Modules (but "Logo" and "Logo 2" savers are not included)
* plus all the features described above.

Order online and download immediately from Share*It! (EUR 9.00, US$ 8.90, £ 6.29)

Order online and download immediately! (DigiBuy, US$ 8.90)

Professional Deluxe Version includes:
* 54 Screen Saver Modules plus Randomizer, Alias, Bitmap Show, Logo, Logo 2
* Free Updates (available on the Internet)
* Sound Effects
* 3 Bonus Games (MindMaster, 3D Maze, Green Point Quest)
* 150 Bonus JPEG files (Internet Version only, not on diskette version)
* plus all the features described above.

Order Online (for immediate download from Share*It (EUR 13.50, US$13.40, £ 8.55))

Order Online (for download (US$14.90) or on diskette (US$ 19.90), DigiBuy)!

Click here for detailed phone, fax, and mail order information (DigiBuy, USA).

Note: Some 3rd party screen savers do not animate when launched by 95LGD, but most screen savers work fine - including the OpenGL savers that come with Windows NT, the normal savers that come with both Windows 95 and NT such as Marquee, Flying Windows, Starfield Simulation, Bezier, and the special effect savers that come with MS Plus! such as Lenses and Windows 95.

5star200.gif (4114 bytes)2000 Lights Go Down Standard was reviewed by ZD Net and got a five-star rating.
Click here to read the review.

Download Freeware or Shareware version!!!

You can take a look at the output of some of the screen savers here on the WWW. The snap shots have been made with the 16-bit version The Lights Go Down. However, the screen saver modules shown in the Gallery are converted for the 32-bit screen saver collection 95 Lights Go Down.

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Order Information
You can place your order via DigiBuy in the USA.
Click here for detailed phone, fax, and mail order information.
You can place your order at Thomas Hövel Software in Germany.
Currently only credit card orders placed online are supported.
Online order form for 2000 Lights Go Down (Pure) for US$ 9.90. We accept payments in the following currencies:

Euro: EUR 10 (Pure) or EUR 15 (Deluxe) respectively

GBP: £ 6.99 (Pure) or £ 6.99 (Deluxe) respectively

US Dollar: US$ 9.90 (Pure) or US$ 14.90 (Deluxe) respectively

Online order form for 2000 Lights Go Down

Online order form for 2000 Lights Go Down (Professional) for US$ 14.90 (delivery by e-mail).
Select "Download from Internet" as Delivery Method!
Online order form for 2000 Lights Go Down (Professional) for US$ 19.90 (delivery on diskette).
Security: All credit card orders are handled via secure forms!
Please note:
You can place your credit card order anywhere - no matter where you live. Credit card companies normally only charge 1 or 2% for orders in foreign currencies. Now (October 2000) the US$ is rather high, so ordering in Germany should be cheaper for Europeans; it may even be cheaper for Americans. The US$ has gained about 50% over the Euro during the last months.

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