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The Lights Go Down

The Lights Go Down saw the lights of the World in 1992 - a standalone screen saver for Windows 3.0 with 5 modules.

Over the years, the program grew bigger and better. Support for Windows 3.1 was added (.SCR file) and it contains routines that prevent users from bypassing the password protection under Windows 95 by hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL.
{While The Lights Go Down works fine under Windows 95, we recommend our 32-bit-version 95 Lights Go Down for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 because 16-bit application prevent the preemptive multitasking in Windows 95 - the 32-bit version optimizes background operation under Windows 95 while the screen saver is running.}

The registered version comes with 40 screen saver modules. More than half are included with the shareware version you can download for evaluation.

Some of the modules use 32-bit-code even under Windows 3.x to achieve better performance.

The German version of this program is a winner in the European Shareware Awards 1995 by Ziff-Davis Europe.

****The Lights Go Down was reviewed by ZD Net and got a four-star rating.
Click here to read the review.
4 Star Rating: A very good program, with some outstanding features.
The Image Gallery contains 6 snapshots showing some of the screen savers in action.

And the evaluation version is available for download here on the web.

Online Registration

Online registration is unavailable as of January 1, 1999.
Registration will be available by February 1, 1999, or even sooner.

Please send me an email and I'll inform when registration will be possible again!

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